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The Administration Management Contract involves the management of the Co-ownership which is the legal entity that owns the building: (Accounting, Legal, HR Administration…)


We meet with the previous President and take from him the closing trial balance, including the followings:
  • Cash In Bank
  • Detailed Debitors Balance (Co-owners with names and detailed addresses…)
  • Detailed Creditors Balance (Suppliers, Employees…)
  • Equity
  • If needed, we re-input accounting transactions back 12 months so co-owners and suppliers can see the history of their accounts,
We prepare the yearly budget in coordination with the building committee,

We handle all the accounting work on behalf of the building committee,

We handle the invoicing of service charges to co-owners and remind all late payers by phone and or letters,

We meet with the building committee formally on a quarterly basis to make sure nothing major is done without the customer approval, (The building committee receives at least 48 hours in advance a financial package detailing its quarterly financial situation),


We meet also with the previous President and take from him the followings:
  • Copy of the "Ifraz" drawings,
  • Copy of the internal Rules And Regulations of the co-ownership,
  • Copy of “Property Statements” if necessary
  • Copy of all legal actions taken on behalf or against the co-ownership,
We decide who will sign the checks: (Operators, The President, or joint Signature)

We organize a general assembly to present our estimated budget to the co-ownership. We then send to each and every tenant, the proceedings of the general assembly certified along with a copy of our Administration Management contract and all relevant information about Operators.

If needed, we take all legal steps necessary to insure collection. (Warnings, Court Actions…).

We coordinate between the building committee and the tenants, through calls, letters or visits,

Human Resources

We handle the social security paperwork and formalities of employees

We handle legal papers (Residence Permit, Work Permit) of non-lebanese employees

We process the monthly payroll of employees

We provide formal appraisals evaluating employees on 10 major points and graded from 1 to 5. Based on this appraisal given by their Direct Manager, employees getting 4 and 5 are rewarded and/or promoted, employees getting 1 and 2 are simply taken out, making sure we keep only the best, the ones who really care about YOUR investment!

All employees we manage (Operators and Customers employees) go through a serious screening process before being hired. We ask for references as well as legal records

We provide each new recruit with a booklet specifying its duties and responsibilities in general as well as specific job duties by department.
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